Lanterns by Son Lux

This has blown my mind away. Like really away, words aren’t worth writing, impossible to explain. crazy awesome.


Curses from past times EP by ProleteR

So the variety of music that I enjoy is vast, i’m not sure what the chances are that anyone reading this could have the exact same taste as me. oh well.

I gotta say, i love beats. beat makers like “TA-KU” are radical and there are tons of them on sound cloud that i always keep an eye on. this album has fly beats, not much to say about it really other than give it a listen, if you like beats, it’s cool stuff and it’s free.


Lessons EP by Ryan Bird

I’ve learned over time that a song has about 2 seconds to grab you, who knows what it is that grabs you, but you’ll know when you hear it. The production and atmosphere of this EP is amazing, it grabs you. It really is a great bunch of songs, can’t stress that enough, the variation in production style between the songs is awesome, the lyrics are bold, love the soundscape of it all. It’s a free download, do it.